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Cosmetic Surgery

Are you looking at having cosmetic surgery? There are numerous cosmetic treatments out there and hundreds of establishments offering you their services from liposuction to boob jobs and everything in between. Going under the knife is not to be taken lightly and everything must be considered from cost to its effect/impact on your life, and more importantly, your health. There is a risk involved with every procedure.

IS Cosmetic Surgery For You?

Initially when considering cosmetic surgery it would be advisable to discuss your intentions with your doctor then you can get their advice and recommendations. If you then decide that an operation is still for you, your doctor will refer you to a surgeon for an initial consultation and take things from there.

The average cost of breast augmentation (boob job) ranges from approximately 3,400 to 5000 pounds. Of course the price and care you receive will depend on the experience of the surgeon carrying out the procedure and, in essence, the reputation he/she carries. The breast implants prices will normally include things such as the initial consultation, the cost of the operating room and staff, anesthetic and your post operative care including any medication or pain relief for your recovery.

Of course there are side effects of have breast implants. General anesthetic is required and this in itself can cause complications. There is also always a risk of infection involved with any operation.

The possible surgical side effects of a breast enlargement or breast uplift can include rupturing of the implant itself, deflation of the implant and something called capsular contracture where the skin, muscle and scar tissue tighten during healing and this sometimes causes the implant to rupture also.

It may also be worthwhile ensuring that your surgeon has the appropriate and necessary qualifications. You can do this by checking the register held and controlled by the GMC.