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Breast Implants Prices

Breast implant prices vary depending on lots of factors such as the location of the clinic and surgeon, the type of implant and the size. Typically breast implant prices start from around £3,000 and some clinics offer 0% finance to fund the cost of surgery. Further information on breast implants and advice on the breast enlargement procedure will be provided by a cosmetic surgeon as part of the breast surgery consultation process pre surgery.

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Breast Implants

Breast implants are most commonly used in breast enlargement surgery to vary the size of the breast and/ or change its shape. The breast enlargement procedure has been in existence since the 1960s and is mainly used for aesthetic purposes but can also be used in corrective procedures following, for example, a masectomy. There has been a great deal of development in breast implants and below we’ve summarised some of the popular types and features

Silicon breast implants

Silicon breast implants have been used since 1962 and are popularly chosen because the gel material gives a very natural look and feel. There are a number of variations to this type of implant, the most popular being the cohesive gel implant which is more durable and composed of several layers to prevent the possibility of leakage. These silicon gel implants also have a ‘shaping memory’ which means they keep their original shape. Size cannot be amended once chosen without having another implant installed because silicon gel implants are known as ‘fixed volume’ implants.

Saline breast implants

Saline breast implants contain saline, which is a naturally occurring product found within the human body – this means that if the saline breast implant ruptures then its contents are not toxic and can safely be absorbed by the human body. Saline breast implants have traditionally been more prone to rupturing than their silicon counterparts but there are variations such as Hydrogel which combines the best of both worlds. A benefit of the saline breast implant is that the size can be varied and the required incisions are typically smaller. The implant has a valve on the surface which can be accessed to decrease or increase volume.

Breast implant shapes

You may have heard the term anatomical or teardrop breast implant. This refers to an implant which has been designed to give the appearance of a more natural looking breast. It has a pear like resemblance with more volume towards the bottom of the implant. They usually come in a textured form which helps to keep the breast implant in the right place following surgery.

The more traditional breast implant has a round shape. They do not necessarily give more of an unnatural appearance because a lot depends on where the implant is placed, the current shape of your breast and location of tissue. They are a cheaper alternative to the teardrop implant and come in both smooth and textured form, the latter was developed with a view to reduce the chance of implant movement within the breast.